This is Aspen Labs

Why Aspen Labs? Aspen Trees grow through a networked system of roots in groves together.  It’s this connection that helps them thrive in the environments where they are located. Labs are spaces where experimentation and learning occur.  It’s a place where scientists go with a burning question and use processes, tools and equipment at their disposal to chip away at their challenge.

It’s these two terms that create Aspen Labs.  People actively learning through design and experimentation to do something meaningful… together.

We create a unique blend of real-world design and innovation practice with science and research.  Currently there are 3 ways to bring this to you and your organization.


Field savvy and researched based

We blend thousands of hours of in-the-field design and innovation development with a deep understanding of the research and science backing it.

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Growing creativity and cultivating innovation

Change and innovation is catalyzed through individuals and teams.  By unleashing creativity with real approaches and methods that work and connecting back to people and purpose.

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Gather insights and test assumptions

People are interesting and unpredictable.  We use a blend of methods from design, change management, innovation science and business process to help you see experiences with fresh and open eyes.

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