Fourth of July – from 1775 until now

‘Nice to meet you. I’m an American woman currently in Italy on the 4th of July being sponsored through a Fellowship to conduct research on creativity and innovation by the British Council. The purpose is to study the artist’s creative process and role as a Change Agent at the Venice Bienalle in order to gain knowledge that I intend bring back to my home in the United States and share internationally with the amazing network of practitioners and researchers I have around the world.’


Imagine that discussion occurring back in 1776, the year my country declared its independence from British rule. Mind blowing.

How far we have come and how much we have to be thankful for. I’m spending a beautiful Venetian day hosting visitors in the British Pavilion, where the work of Phyllida Barlow is featured. Entitled “Folly,” it challenges the concepts of sculpture, the grandiosity of place and the individual’s role in it. I’ll take a break to spend time in the American Pavilion where Mark Bradford’s work entitled “Tomorrow is Another Day” provokes thought on marginalized people and the “hope of the American unfulfilled social promise.” What a 4th of July it is…

I want to say thank you to those who created and sustained the democracy in the country I love so dearly, and I want to thank the people around the world, those in official and unofficial diplomatic roles, who have kept the beautiful experiences of this world open and available to people like me. The beauty, love, expression and mind-expanding encounters that are right there for the taking are not to be missed. When I return home to Denver, Colorado, I will take a little piece of Italy and Great Britain with me.

Happy Fourth of July.

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