Additional services based on availability.  Contact us for more details:

  • Consultation topics:  
    • Creating microclimates for innovation:  Innovation does not need to feel illusive.  There is both a science and an art to how to approach it.  Based on cutting-edge research and practical experience in what Christi has coined “microclimates for innovation,” you will learn from successful leaders in this space and be introduced to insights, approaches, frameworks and tools.  This approach will help you to stop waiting for an entire organizational change, and instead to be empowered to lead from where you stand.
    • Knowing and co-designing with users:  It’s easy to get out of touch with what your users/patients/customers/staff really need.  This disconnection leads to wasted time, energy and products and services that simply miss the mark.  Learn approaches to unearth what people really need through practical co-design workshops and reusable frameworks, techniques and models.
    • Cohort learning:  Eco-systems for innovation are powerful ways to create change.  Learn how others have developed their networks and curriculum to create innovation catalysts within their own organization and across their partner organization.  An example of how Christi has co-created such a program is found here.


Designed experiences for teams/groups:

  • Co-Design Workshop with employees and customers for live generation of insights and customer experiences:
    • one day
    • Participants: Up to 8 customers and 25 additional participants
  • Field trip to experience up to 3 other industries or business and synthesis of findings:
    • one day
    • Participants: Up to 30
  • Learn from others. Host a virtual 2 hour storytelling session of experiences and actual case studies in design thinking from across industries followed by Q&A
  • Freshen up your thinking. Request a research overview on segment of innovation, creativity, change agent or design thinking topic to include 3 page overview, links to 5-10 suggested articles and 2 hour virtual discussion of findings