These are ideal for professionals from any industry who are trying to solve complex problems and are looking for new approaches for creativity and innovation. Let us know if you are interested in a workshop.

The workshops are designed to provide a combination of design and innovation mindsets and approaches with clear examples and storytelling.  After being introduced, select methods will be practiced in small and large groups to gain confidence in bringing them back to your “real world.”

  • Understand and use the design thinking process for you own challenges
  • Understand the importance of ethnographic research and user focus in successful innovation
  • Develop mindsets and adopt creative methods used by designers and design thinkers
  • Increase your understanding, self-awareness and confidence creative leaders


Open “first come, first served” workshop for individuals or small groups: 

  • Cost per person is $450 for a one day workshop and $750 for a two day workshop. Learn and practice new mindsets and approaches and take away “how to” instructions from the day to reinforce learnings.
  • Next date September 22 th 9-4:30pm Denver, CO


Hands-on group workshop for new learners of innovation and design. This workshop will frame what human centered design for innovation is, practice a set of methods and techniques and send you back into the world with some context and confidence.  Day 2 includes practice facilitating the approaches in small groups and additional case studies to see how it all hangs together and an end to end methodology:

  • cost: $5,700 one day workshop $7,500 2 day workshop
  • participants: minimum of 6 people, maximum of 30 people


Hands-on group workshop for experienced practitioners of innovation and design. This workshop layers in cognitive and behavioral science behind human centered design and (if attending day 2) how to build in organizational change approaches to influence others:

  • Cost $6,700 one day workshop $8,500 2 day workshop
  • Participants: minimum of 6 people, maximum of 30 people


The workshop nature of these programs are particularly powerful for teams from the same organization who also want to use the program to tackle an organizational design challenge.